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Why this Victoria’s Secret Angel Says Everyone Should Get Botox

Original Article By Tatiana Bido. Admitting that you don’t mind a little help in the lines and wrinkles department is getting more and more common for celebrities in the spotlight. Even Victoria’s Secret supermodels are not immune to the effects of aging, and 35-year-old Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana is not ashamed to say that a touch of Botox Cosmetic here and there can go a long way in ensuring career longevity on the catwalk.

But the former Victoria’s Secret Angel says Botox isn’t just good for her career, it’s good for everyone. “A little bit of Botox is not bad,” said Fontana to the Sunday Times. “Botox can change your face a lot, so it has to be very subtle, but if you don’t do it, age will mark your skin and I don’t like that at all.”  ..


Restylane Lyft Is Now FDA-Approved For Use on Hands, Making It the First Legit Body Filler

Original Article By Macaela Mackenzie. Restylane, a hyaluronic acid filler, just received FDA approval for use on hands, making it the first injectable of its kind to receive FDA approval for use outside the face.

Following a study of 89 patients, Restylane Lyft got the stamp of approval to treat age-related volume loss in the back of the hands. "Fat volume loss and atrophy of the intrinsic muscles of the hand due to aging often leads to overly prominent metacarpal bones, tendons and veins," Joshua Zuckerman, a board-certified plastic surgeon in New York City, tells Allure. Translation: as you age, hands can start to look skeletal or boney.  ..


This New Fire and Ice Combination Treatment Is the Closest Thing to Surgery Without Going Under the Knife

Original Article By Elise Minton Tabin. The great thing about noninvasive body contouring treatments is that they don’t require a recovery period, like surgery. But, oftentimes, multiple procedures need to be "stacked" (i.e. done in tandem when possible, or as consecutive treatment sessions) to tackle the problems at hand. The newest "layering" treatment that we are hearing about is The Fire and Ice combination, to get rid of unwanted fat and loose skin.

West Palm Beach, FL dermatologist Kenneth R. Beer, MD offers the $1,200-plus treatment (Dr. Beer says the treatment can fetch upwards of $3,600 depending on the area being treated), which makes use of CoolSculpting, as well as radio-frequency and ultrasound skin tightening. “We are combining the latest generation of CoolSculpting, which is more efficient and effective than prior generations, with skin tightening to give patients the best of both worlds,” he says. ..


The Surprising New Way to Use Botox Is for Stress Relief

Original Article By Jenna Rennert. Suffice it to say, 2017 has ranked high on the global stress barometer. And if nonstop White House turmoil, grim international headlines, or a spate of natural disasters didn’t spike your anxiety levels, the steady you’ve-got-mail ding of an iPhone could justifiably send anyone into a digital tailspin. All that tension is bound to take a toll on health and wellness habits, but for many, the signs manifest in one surprising place: your jaw. Yes, according to experts, jaw clenching is one of the most common secondary effects of stress, and while adopting a Gwyneth Paltrow–like mantra of conscious breathing and meditation may help, it’s neither a quick fix nor a foolproof solution.

I know firsthand. Having acquired a grinding habit over the years, fueled by a fast-paced New York City work schedule, Manolo-clad power walks, and an Orbit Gum–chewing addiction, dentists had warned me that I may suffer from future jaw issues. But in recent months, the chronic wear and tear took its toll and my jaw began to feel strained and tired at the end of a long day. Not to mention, a rock-hard ball of muscle had formed on either side of my face, the direct result of biting down unconsciously for hours at work. For help, I turned to Los Angeles–based aging expert Lisa Goodman, P.A., for advice. With one glance, Goodman, founder of the cult Brentwood skin clinic, GoodSkin and a former physician’s assistant in the office of West Coast power dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, stated that I was suffering from an overworked masseter muscle and, if I continued on this road, it would lead to “premature neck wrinkles, disproportionate face shape, and possibly major pain later in life.”  ..


Botox Injections May Improve the Appearance of Facial Scars

Original Article By Macaela Mackenzie. Botox is to plastic surgery what coconut oil is to beauty. It seemingly does everything. Now, doctors say it might even help stop scars from forming after plastic surgery.

While technically only Food & Drug Administration-approved for a few uses on the face, botulinum toxin type A injections, like Botox, have a wide range of off-label uses — both medical (say, minimizing migraines) and aesthetic (like non-surgical face-lifts). According to a new study published this month in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the injectable even has the potential to totally change the way we treat scars.  ..


Microblading, Microshading, and Microfeathering: What's the Difference?

Original Article By Deanna Pai. Unless you've been chilling under a rock lately, you've probably heard of microblading, the new-ish, semi-permanent version of eyebrow tattoos. They're not your grandma's stamped-on brows; instead, the delicate, super-fine hair strokes look natural and realistic in a way that the first-gen versions never did. Microblading's recent popularity has spawned microshading and microfeathering, two techniques that give you a different brow look depending on your preferences. Here's how they differ—and what that'll mean for you.

Best for: Anyone who wants a natural look that lasts.  ..


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CoolSculpting Was Just FDA-Cleared for Use on Double Chins

Original Article By Macaela Mackenzie. CoolSculpting — the procedure that can freeze fat off the upper arms, abdomen, and thighs — has just been cleared by the FDA to tackle a whole new area of the body: the double chin.

The non-invasive procedure made a splash when it hit doctors’ offices as an alternative to liposuction back in 2010. Rather than suck out deposits of fat via surgery, CoolSculpting allowed docs and medical spas to freeze fat cells in treatment areas. When treated, fat cells die and are naturally eliminated by your body, with no downtime necessary.  ..


8 Dermatologists Reveal What Made The Biggest Difference In Their Skin After 40

Original Article By Carolyn Hsu. As the saying goes, 40 is the new 30 (or is it 20, now?) and with the right skin care products and treatments, your complexion can also look the part. We all know that the light moisturizer that kept your skin dewy even while fighting the worst hangover in your 20s just isn't going to cut it when you're dealing with more fine lines, wrinkles, laxity and changing skin texture. So we tapped eight top dermatologists to get the scoop on what products and procedures worked the best—and made the biggest difference—in their skin after 40.  ..


7 Off-Label Uses for Botox Injections

Original Article By Erin Nicole Celletti. When referring to Botox, most people know of it as an injectable treatment used to combat signs of aging, particularly wrinkles. What many don't know is that Botox (a.k.a. Botulinum toxin) has many other beneficial uses, too — and they just might surprise you.

In its traditional use, Botox is most popularly talked about as a way reduce the appearance of wrinkles. "By preventing your nerves from telling your facial muscles to contract, Botox weakens your ability to make a particular facial expression," explains Joshua Zeichner, the director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. "As the skin is not folded, skin lines present in those areas fill in on their own."  ..