Introducing A Breakthrough Procedure Bringing Together Two Of The Best Laser Solutions Available

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Experience the game-changing combination of Vivace™ & CoolPeel®

Available at Radiance Medspa in Avon

Vivace's microneedling and radiofrequency duo tackles deep concerns like wrinkles and texture. CoolPeel's laser refines the surface for a brighter you. Combined, they address both deep and superficial layers for a more dramatic transformation and a radiant, revitalized complexion. Best of all this combo treatment can be done in one visit.


CoolPeel | Hartford | Avon

CO2 lasers: The proven solution for wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven skin tone. For years, they've been the gold standard for these concerns, offering skin tightening and tone balancing. However, traditional CO2 treatments often come with significant downtime.

CoolPeel® - the evolution of CO2. This innovative technology delivers the same remarkable benefits as traditional CO2 lasers, with the added advantage of minimal downtime and reduced risk. Experience the power of precision and control for a smoother, younger-looking you.

This innovative procedure provides the benefits of traditional CO2 resurfacing, but with greater comfort and safety. CoolPeel® targets only the top layer of skin, gently removing damage to reveal a healthier, more youthful appearance.

  • Combat Fine Lines & Improve Texture
  • Minimize Sun Damage & Pore Size
  • Exfoliation for Brighter Skin

Vivace™ | Hartford | Avon

This FDA-cleared treatment uses the latest radio frequency microneedling technology to stimulate collagen production, leaving your face, neck, hands, and body firmer and more youthful.

Experience best-in-class comfort and results with Vivace, the most advanced microneedling RF device. Vivace's innovative technology minimizes discomfort during treatment, making it a breeze compared to other options. Its advanced recovery system ensures you can seamlessly return to your daily routine, all while witnessing continuous improvement in your skin's appearance. Vivace delivers noticeable improvements immediately, with even better results developing over time.

  • Smooth Away Wrinkles & Fine Lines
  • Lift & Tighten Skin
  • Minimize Pores
  • Even Skin Tone & Texture
  • See Results Instantly
  • Get Back to Your Day with No Downtime
  • Experience Virtually Pain-Free Treatment

More About The CoolPeel Laser



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Meet the Anti-Aging Microneedling Treatment That Requires Zero Downtime

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CoolPeel Laser: What You Need to Know

CoolPeel Laser: What You Need to Know

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