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At Radiance Medspa, we're at the forefront of the regenerative aesthetics revolution in Connecticut, offering you a pathway to reclaim your youthful radiance. Our portfolio of treatments leverages the incredible power of your body's own regenerative capabilities, introducing a groundbreaking approach to aesthetic care. By focusing on natural restoration and rejuvenation, our therapies like Exosomes and Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) aim to not just enhance your appearance but potentially reverse the signs of aging and damage naturally.

As advances in research improve the products available for use, we will incorporate them into our practice. A classic example is our transition from Platelet-Rich-Plasma (PRP) to Platelet-Rich-Fibrin-Matrix (PRFM), a far superior product. While most practices still use PRP our clients benefit from this second generation platelet concentrate. PRFM produces a higher concentration of platelet and growth factors released over a time period five times longer than PRP.


Our newest innovation is EZGel. This is a dermal filler made just from your PRF. It provides instant gratification because of its natural volumizing properties, but unlike HA-Fillers, it will continue to release growth factors to enhance collagen rejuvenation. It’s the safest product for under eye enhancement and anywhere else on the face. Since it's your own blood you will be surprised by the savings over traditional HA fillers.

Innovative treatments like microneedling combined with PRFM and exosome therapy are revolutionizing skin rejuvenation and hair loss solutions. These advances harness the body's own regenerative capabilities, using growth factors and proteins from PRFM and exosomes to stimulate skin renewal and hair follicle growth. This marks a significant shift towards treatments that are not only less invasive but also more natural, promising more personalized and effective outcomes. As these technologies continue to develop, they pave the way for a future in regenerative aesthetics that offers genuine, lasting solutions to rejuvenation and regeneration challenges.

Regenerative Aesthetics Treatments Include:

EZ Gel

Cost: $600 for under eyes minimum two syringes and $1200 for under eye and three syringes for other areas on the face
Recovery Time: 1-2 days
See Results: Immediately

A 100% natural dermal filler crafted from your body’s own blood source, EZ Gel Plasma Filler is a regenerative and volumizing solution containing serum albumin and growth factors derived directly from your blood. This is the newest dermal filler that is made by you for you. For all of the people who swear they would never do HA-Fillers, because they want to look natural, your solution is one consultation away.


Cost: $200 per treatment add-on
Recovery Time: no downtime.
See Results: within 1-3 weeks

Exosomes is a new treatment that can be used to restore both the skin and hair follicles to provide a more youthful appearance or fuller hair. It is combined as an add-on to our various skin and hair treatments.

PRFM (Next Gen PRP) Hair Restoration

Cost: $900
Recovery Time: 1-2 days
See Results: 4-6 weeks

The process involves using your own plasma (from your own blood draw) to stimulate dormant and inactive hair follicles to grow hair again. Most providers have stuck with PRP for Hair Restoration while we have moved into the future with PRFM. We essentially convert your PRP into PRFM. Your plasma, which is rich in proteins and key growth factors, is injected into the scalp where new hair growth is desired. The benefits of PRFM Hair Restoration treatments occur naturally during several months, so no one will notice a drastic change to your appearance. You will simply watch your hair grow thicker and more abundant during the months following treatment.


The older we get, the more our skin loses elasticity and begins to appear dull and even lifeless. In addition, other signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles, spots and large pores accumulate on our skin over time. Women and men looking for a natural solution that offers total skin rejuvenation can enjoy the benefits of Micro-Needling and PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy, which is rich with your body’s own growth factors.

(plated)™ SkinScience

Cost: $258
Recovery Time: None
See Results: Within 1 week (individual results may vary)

( plated )™ Skin Science offers an innovative anti-aging skincare solution formulated with proprietary Renewosome™ technology, which utilizes exosomes derived from platelets. This exclusive approach helps to regenerate the skin’s appearance.

*Individual results may vary.

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