COVID-19 Protocol

Covid 19 protocols moving foward when you come for your appointment.

  1. Call us from your car when you arrive and put a mask on before you enter the building 
  2. You’ll be asked a few screening questions about any symptoms you’re feeling and your temperature will be taken. You’re appointment will be rescheduled if you have any symptoms of illness 
  3. You will be asked to (one time) fill out a COVID19 consent form (not shown) 
  4. You’ll be brought directly to your treatment room. The waiting room will not be used. 
  5. You will be asked to keep your mask on for all treatments that don’t require exposure of your full face. You’ll be advised when to take off and put on your mask during your treatment course 
  6. We installed touch less wall mounted hand sanitizers and 4 stage ionizer towers in every room 
  7. Please leave your family, friends and kids at home. Only YOU will be allowed into the treatment room- any others that came with you must wait outside the building or in the car 
  8. Please leave your purse and coat in the car. Bring in your phone (if needed), keys, and form of payment 
 This is a big change for all of us and we appreciate your understanding and participation in the new policies and procedures to help keep our clients and staff safe and healthy