Myth Busters: Cellulite Edition


Myth Busters: Cellulite Edition

Original Article By Radiance Medspa Staff. There are two myths surrounding cellulite, that lumpy, bumpy fat that collects in places like the bottom and backs of thighs. The first is that finding the right cream or gel will reduce the appearance of cellulite. Topical methods can provide slight, temporary results at best. More often, they offer no improvement. The second myth is that because topical methods don't work, cellulite is just something you have to live with unless you are willing to undergo invasive surgery. What most women do not realize is that cellulite is formed by connective bands woven throughout the skin of the thighs and buttocks that pull down the skin to create a dimpled appearance on the outside. The fat is just normal fat, and if the bands can be released, the skin will become smooth.

This is where the new, FDA-cleared cellulite treatment Cellfina comes in to bust both of the cellulite myths. Because the exterior appearance of cellulite is caused by what is going on below the skin, topical solutions will be ineffective because they cannot change the internal structure of the fat and release the connective bands. However, the simple, minimally invasive Cellfina treatment cuts those connective bands and releases the skin, which bounces back to its once smooth appearance. Cellfina consists of a small needle device that is inserted into the affected areas where it breaks the connection that is pulling down the skin. With little to no downtime other than a bit of post-treatment tenderness, Cellfina provides significant and long-lasting results.

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