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Deep-rooted in revolutionary technology and trailblazing science, these products and treatments are groundbreaking on the beauty front for serious results.

The Magnetic Mask Magnet-based products had a major impact in the beauty world this year, especially when it came to the launch of this anti-aging and skin-purifying iron-based mask. Let it sit on your skin for 10 minutes—then comes the fun part. Wrap the enclosed magnet in a tissue and hover it over your skin to remove the mask, which literally gets pulled up and off. The end result: superhydrated, purified and revitalized skin that leaves you wanting more.  ..


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For women with the all-too-common lumps and bumps of cellulite, wearing a bathing suit or shorts in public may make them feel self-conscious or embarrassed. The condition, which makes the skin on the rear end and backs of thighs appear bumpy and dimpled, affects more than 85 percent of adult women, according to some estimates.

No one knows why women get cellulite, said Dr. Michael Kaminer, an associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Yale School of Medicineand one of the founders of SkinCare Physicians in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.But cellulite is almost always related to genetics and how skin and muscle attach in women, he said.  ..


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Cellulite doesn't discriminate: Nearly 98% of women in the United States have it, regardless of height or weight. Cellulite is caused by a variety of factors including female hormones (men are less prone to cellulite because their connective tissue makeup is different), poor circulation, a sedentary lifestyle, and thick bands within fat tissue.

For those with cellulite, topical treatments typically containing caffeine and amino acids can improve local circulation and diminish the appearance of dimples, but most superficial treatments have only temporary benefits. Meanwhile, non-invasive in-office body-contouring treatments, including radio frequency devices such as Accent or Velasmooth, can tighten and temporarily improve the appearance of cellulite, but the long-term benefits are unclear. Even invasive treatments, such as liposuction or laser, don't necessarily offer a lasting solution: Liposuction will remove the herniating fat but does not tackle the root of the problem, while lasers do not always uniformly treat the bands. ..