We’ve all heard this several times before, but it pays to go over the points below:
1. The right SPF - Nothing less then an SPF 30 (anything higher than SPF 50 is only protecting you a teensy, weensy bit more, so why clog your pores?)
2. Always use a Broad Spectrum sunscreen to help protect from both UVA and UVB rays. Remember A is for Aging and B is for Burning.
3. How Often: Reapply every 2 Hours when in direct sunlight.
4. How Much:  Use the equivalent of a “shot” glass in product to make sure you’re using enough! Studies show most of us aren’t!
5. Check the Expiration Date!  Anything older than a year—through it out!
6. “Physcial” vs. “Chemical” Sunscrees:  It’s boils down to a matter of choice, however, the physical sunscreen is better for breakout and sensitive skin and for those of us “going green”.  Tip:  Skinceuticals has a phenomenal new physical sunscreen – Physical Fusion SPF 50 - it has a slight tint to it to enhance your natural skin tone and it’s paraben free!. And NeoCutis has an SPF 30 called Journee Bio-restorative Day Cream, which has PSP in it.  Both feel like silk on the skin. (not greasy feeling at all) and are very light reflective.