Fraxel Testimonials

Gerry Curro
I am 52 years old.  I have always had problems with my face regarding breakouts and scarring.  The sun seemed to help in my youth.  Due to hormone changes I stopped breaking out, but I never thought the appearance could be helped.

At Radiance Spa I participated in a laser treatment /microdermabrasion package that concentrated on sunspots, agespots and scarring.  I was amazed!  My  skin is smoother and younger looking.  Radiance gave me a personal skin care plan that is  individual for my skin and the abuses I put it through (sun, not moisturizing, breakouts) and  taught me the best way to care for my skin.

At my last treatment I asked the Nurse Practitioner about the large age spots I had on my hands.  She removed them in one treatment!

Radiance exceeded my expectations and is a marvelous place.