LaserDry Excessive Underarm Sweating Treatment

How Does LaserDry Work?

LaserDry uses Cynosure's laser technology to selectively target the tissue surrounding the sweat glands in the underarm area. Sweat glands are destroyed by the laser wavelength and gently suctioned out of the treatment area.

What happens during the procedure?

Two small incisions are made on the outer edges of the armpit and the area is filled with tumescent numbing fluid. Then the laser is passed repeatedly through the area, destroying the majority of the sweat glands. Once under way, the treatment takes about one hour.

Does LaserDry hurt?

LaserDry is a very well-tolerated procedure, and most patients describe it as one or two on a pain scale of one to ten. During the procedure, the patient relaxes, talks with the staff, watches TV or listens to music. There may be some soreness and tenderness in the area after treatment, but this usually only lasts for a day or two.

What is the downtime with LaserDry?

One of the great things about LaserDry is how well it fits into our patients' busy lives. Patients usually set aside two days for LaserDry; one for the treatment and one to recover. After that, most are ready to get on with their usual routine, except for exercise, which is off limits for a week after the procedure.

Who is a Good Candidate for LaserDry?

Anyone whose life is negatively affected by excessive, uncontrollable underarm perspiration is a good candidate for LaserDry. In most cases, we see patients who find their sweating frequently interferes with their life.

If I plan to have it done shortly, what should I do in preparation?

If your treatment date is approaching, you should immediately stop taking any products that can thin the blood, including aspirin (or products containing aspirin}, vitamin E, ibuprofen, fish oil, herbal supplements and St. John's Wort. If you smoke, you should stop immediately.

How Much Does LaserDry Cost?

The LaserDry treatment typically costs around $2,800. Some insurance companies will reimburse their customers for LaserDry - they sometimes refer to it as "subdermal laser ablation of sweat glands with axillary suction curretage" so you might want to check with your insurer to determine if they will.